Whatever the occasion, whichever the event…Italy is the ideal destination!

Italy is the ideal place for an unforgettable celebration of any occasion whether you want to host a group of family or friends or just want a special couple getaway. From romantic honeymoons or wedding anniversaries to special celebrations and gatherings, Italy offers endless choices for stunning venues and unique activities. For any occasion, we're here to offer suggestions and help you plan your perfect event.



Italy, the world's most romantic country, is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Italy offers a full array of romantic choices and special venues, ranging from evocative hill top castles and country villas to charming seaside towns and stunning city monuments or private palaces. Add a special activity to make it an even more memorable occasion. How about a romantic sunset boat cruise along the coast, balloon ride over Tuscany, a lavish costume ball in Venice, or a private catered cocktail party in a castle or monument? Celebrate with a catered candlelight dinner in a private setting, indulge in an elegant dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant, or have a meal on a boat. The romantic choices in Italy are endless. Whether you want an intimate getaway for just the two of you or an unforgettable party with friends and family, we'll not only find the ideal venue but provide excellent cuisine, top Italian wines, and entertainment to suit your tastes.  


Documents attest the presence of Jews in Florence back in the 14th century, but the establishment of a Jewish Community occurred after 1437, the year Cosimo il Vecchio de’Medici encouraged Jews to come to Florence as money lenders.
In 1570 a Medici duke, under pressure from the Pope, enclosed the Jews in a Ghetto in the center of town where Piazza della Repubblica now stands.



“I love our time together” - says Filippo - “playing outside, learning about things, picnicking ...simply laughing. I really am a family man, and cherish my dearest with all my heart”

Italy, more than any other country, cherishes and treasures Families (oh yes, with a capital F!) and Italians, more than any other people, adore Children. Today members of the same family live all over the world, separated by thousands of miles, and family reunions have become one of the few ways of getting together and sharing special moments.


Your honeymoon should be filled with romantic and unforgettable experiences. Italy, the world's most romantic country, is the ideal place to make that happen. Italy offers so many perfect honeymoon destinations: the romantic city of Venice, the stunning Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre, charming Tuscany hill towns and vineyards, or Sicily's coast resort town of Taormina. Each place is coupled with its own excellent cuisine and top-notch wines. Or if you prefer a more intimate place away from the crowds, maybe an unknown village, a stay at a winery or even a private island, we'll find it for you. Add in unique experiences to make your honeymoon even more memorable. Take a sunset cruise, a helicopter adventure, private cooking class, or exclusive wine tasting. The list of romantic and unforgettable options in Italy is endless. Whether you want a special one-day experience or a full week or more, we'll take the work out of planning your honeymoon so all you have to do is relax and indulge.




Invite your friends and family to your birthday party in Italy for something they'll never forget. Italy's many choices for sensational venues, unique activities, and fabulous cuisine and superb wine, make it the perfect place to celebrate a special birthday. Host your group in a countryside villa with amazing views, a historic city palace, or even in a castle. Hold a private catered party for your group anywhere you desire, from gardens with panoramic views or a beach party to monuments or private estates. Surprise your guests with unique Italian entertainment with anything from chamber music or opera to a pasta-making class or Baroque costume party. Take your group on a special guided tour, enjoy a day of wine tasting with transportation, have lunch or dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant, visit artisan shops, or take a relaxing boat cruise along the coast. These are just a few of the many things that make Italy a special place for your birthday party.