Family Reunions

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“I love our time together” - says Filippo - “playing outside, learning about things, picnicking ...simply laughing! I really am a family man, and cherish my dearest with all my heart”



Italy, more than any other country, cherishes and treasures Families (oh yes, with a capital F!) and Italians, more than any other people, adore Children! Today members of the same family live all over the world, separated by thousands of miles, and family reunions have become one of the few ways of getting together and sharing special moments.
No destination equals Italy for a unique multi-generation family reunion: reunite your beloved in the serene atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside, under the warm Amalfi Coast sunshine or steps away from the grandest masterpieces ever created. Simply set the date; we will be delighted to take care of the rest! We passionately design and plan memorable family experiences because...We Love Families!




Rejoin your loved ones, relish getting together and experience genuine Italian lifestyle! We provide the most convenient of arrangements, guarantee smooth, stress-free logistics and provide first-rate properties.
All are child-friendly and fully-equipped, charming and cozy: rustic countryside villas and dream-like castles immersed in an oasis of green meadows and woods, seaside resorts, picturesque mountain chalets, or deluxe apartments in the very center of Italy’s famed art name it, we’ll find it!


A family reunion in Italy offers the whole family a unique opportunity: experiencing a full-immersion into Italian culture. We specialize in creating a wide range of the most diverse activities, especially tailored to introduce kids, teenagers, ladies and gentlemen of all ages to Italian heritage, art, traditions, crafts and gastronomy. 

So, while the kids learn the basics of the Italian language from professional bilingual teachers or gelato making from an artisan, the teenagers enjoy specially themed guided visits to art masterpieces. And while the family wine lovers are taught all about clarity and bouquet by a professional sommelier, crafts enthusiasts discover the ancient art of book-binding and aspiring chefs master the secret to making picture-perfect “ravioli”!




Or “giochiamo” (dʒoˈ/kiamo) as we say! Our creative approach and dedication to your well-being allow us to suggest innumerable, varied, exciting activities for each family member. So, ladies may spend a perfectly carefree day hunting for the season’s most exquisite styles in designer boutiques, ‘cause the children, safely guided by professionals, will be snorkeling and the toddlers happily building sandcastles. While the gentlemen party sets off to experience the thrill of wild-boar hunting, the young ladies can attend a ballet (and meet the prima ballerina backstage!) and the teenage boys learn archery from Gold Medal winner Marco Galiazzo... Our imagination is unlimited, just like your family’s love for each other. “Giochiamo!”


Having fun together deepens relationships, provides unfor-gettable memories and adds meaning to life. That’s why we love creating memorable, one-of-a-kind, bonding group activities and multi-generational family games!
From football matches in the park of your own villa, rock climbing on Capri’s cliffs and fishing parties aboard a typical fishermen’s boat, to themed treasure hunts and photo safaris in the picturesque squares and windy streets of Florence, Venice and Rome, to hands-on cooking classes for the
whole family. Savor that special energy that comes from teaming up with your closest kin, roll over in laughter with the kids. Enjoy being with your loved ones, make this reunion a treasured milestone of their lives.




A special date, an occasion, to be remembered during your family reunion? We are thrilled to have the chance to help!
Birthdays and engagement parties, anniversaries and weddings, we delight in providing only the very best, from superb catering and service, to décor  and entertainment for a magnificent party. Shall it be an outdoor picnic, with a live miniature zoo and an inflatable playground, or a concert by a celebrity singer? A gold wedding anniversary dinner under the gaze of Michelangelo’s David? Or will it be your daughter’s 21st birthday, a fairytale-like candlelit dance with dozens of pink orchids decking the halls?
Whatever the occasion, immortalize it rejoicing with your dearest.


We’ll take care that it all runs smoothly! Committed to making sure you enjoy the most carefree of reunions, we supply professional multi-lingual staff - chauffeurs, butlers, maids, cooks, caregivers, nurses, babysitters - to assist and pamper each and every family member.
And, especially, we really care! So, to help all feel right at home, we carefully select those reassuring things each may miss while away: as Grandma delights in her new hand-painted teapot and Mama admires the yellow roses (just the ones she adores!) on the sun-flooded patio, and the  teenagers reconnect watching their favorite DVDs... the little ones will have a ball finding an actual zoo of brand new, cuddly pets and dolls on their beds!


We love Families!