Grand Tour in Italy

The contemporary Ground Tour in Italy

During the 17th and 18th century young European aristocrats and cultivated Americans used to embark on an extensive voyage of learning. Fascinated by Italy, birthplace of Western history and all art, they were the first tourists in history. Lured to the “Bel Paese” by its proverbial warmth, in climate and relationships, they eagerly set off to explore the greatest art cities: Florence and Rome, where Renaissance and Classical art had come to life, exotic Venice, and mythical Naples…

The Grand Tour in Italy was an educational lifetime milestone. It has remained a legend. Today, its appeal is still very strong. Yet planning it may well appear daunting… sites, museum-like cities and towns, masterpieces, towers and palaces are countless, infinite. How can you make the most of it? How can you, and your family or friends, learn, understand, take it all in?
Ask us to design your Contemporary Grand Tour in Italy, the up-to-date version of the past’s legendary journey! We’ll create a unique itinerary, based on your preferences and needs. Your itinerary may include as many areas as you wish, private viewings, lectures and classes by experts, and hands-on experiences. Our guides are all carefully selected pros: art-historians, specific experts and guides used to working with children and families. If you wish to explore on your own, we produce special interest printed itineraries and travel scrapbooks, and question and answer booklets or themed photo safaris for children.
Let us take you under Italy’s skin. We will open the doors of private art collections and castles and give you the keys to unlock our country’s most precious treasure chests.

We would love to hear from you and will be delighted to tailor the experience to perfectly suit your group size, date requirements, specific needs and desires