Italian nobility castles: splendor, secret heirlooms

Italian nobility castles – a day with the aristocrats

Many of Europe’s most ancient aristocratic families are Italian. Their members, ladies and lords of noble lineage, live in sumptuous mansions and bewildering turret-crowned castles. Still today, the families treasure their ancestral traditions and long-standing heritage, and keep them alive. Take a real insider’s view, revel in splendor, grandeur and inborn style. Discover Italy’s finest hidden treasures as a private personal guest of baronesses and counts. Enjoy the privileged opportunity to admire private collections of art masterpieces, original historic documents, and precious family heirlooms in extraordinary private mansions. Savor tea in Italianate gardens, champagne in frescoed drawing rooms and estate wines in stunning libraries. Your hosts will delight you with their captivating family history and exciting legends, lead you to explore vineyards, and vast, mysterious cellars. Dine in their exquisite company. Taste specialties prepared by family cooks and tantalizing premium wines, at tables set with the family silver, crystal and crested china.
Experience a sublime journey into the splendid world of Italian nobility.

  • Enjoy the hospitality of choice members of the Italian nobility as their personal guest; discover their century-old history and be part of their splendid lifestyle for one or more days
  • Visit marvelous palaces and imposing castles, landmarks of Italian tradition
  • Take an enticing insider’s view: explore breathtaking libraries, vineyards, and cellars
  • Learn about the family, its rich heritage and enthralling legends, listening to your hosts fascinating tales
  • Admire ancient architecture, art masterpieces and family heirlooms
  • Dine on traditional recipes and award-winning wines in gorgeous premises, surrounded by frescoes crystal and silver

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