Wine-creating Team Building

Create Team Building with the Wine

Taste, savor and blend the best Tuscan wine in Montalcino

L’acqua fa male, il vino fa cantare
“Water is bad for you, wine makes you sing”, ancient Tuscan proverb

Share the Tuscan spirit! Ever since the legendary Grand Tour millions of visitors lured to Tuscany by its dazzling art and views have fallen for its cuisine, convivial warmth, and sensational wines. Our signature wine-creating competition offers a real hands-on experience of Tuscan wine and motivates company team spirit leading participants beneath the labels and right into the bottles! An engaging out-of-the-ordinary challenge guided by an exceptional host: award-winning vintner Roberto Cipresso. Among the world’s most renowned and inventive winemakers, Roberto is the creator of Winecircus, the very first laboratory and research cellar in Italy. The activity will take place here, in the cellars where Roberto and his team of experts conduct research, study the different aspects of the vine activity and produce their unique experimental bottles.

Guests learning how to smell

Perfect for incentives our exclusive wine-creating competition promotes fellowship and team cooperation entertaining your guests and challenging their competitive skills. Led by Roberto’s charisma and passion participants will explore the fascinating realm of wine making; savor sensational wines, and, using their taste buds and mutual team effort, create their own favorite blend. The barriccaia of Roberto’s Winecircus cellar will be the heart of a thrilling tournament. Among the casks where Roberto ages his signature blends your guests will taste different wines, learn to appreciate the bouquets and aromas, and work side-by-side with their pals combining them. They will savor the combinations, take notes, discuss with their companions, and taste again. In an increasingly exciting atmosphere team members will ponder and ardently confer, and finally decide, acting as one, which blend is the ideal one to present as their favorite. Contestants will then enjoy a relaxing convivial break relishing scrumptious typical specialties, while Roberto carefully works on the chosen combinations bringing each team’s new blend to life. The match will reach its climax after lunch, with all participants tasting the new blends and singling out the best in an electrifying final vote. Roberto will award the winning team with a prize, and all will receive a duly labeled bottle of the winning wine, a certificate of attendance and a book on wine as a personal gift from Roberto. A stroll in Montalcino’s charming center and memorable dinner will crown the experience. Your guests will dine at BocconDivino (namely “a mouthful of wine” as well as “a divine mouthful”) a haven of local culinary tradition. They will savor it all, the luscious cheeses, homemade pasta, smoking meat and decadent desserts, accompanied by the unique wine created today in Roberto Cipresso’s cellar. As a perfect crescendo end to the day, your guests will spend the night in an authentic 11th century castle, Castello di Velona, drifting off in luxury, surrounded by stunning period pieces.

Our thrilling hands-on wine-creating competition offers your guests the opportunity to:

• discover Montalcino, idyllic hilltop town and birthplace of Brunello. Take in the spectacular countryside: gentle hills, extensive vineyards and gold-colored farmhouses
• explore the marvelous realm of Tuscan wines led by brilliant Roberto Cipresso, in his fascinating cutting-edge research-cellars
• savor sublime wines, learn to “appreciate the nose” and actually blend them, during an enticing and entertaining competition
• get to know their team members, enjoy discussing and comparing and aromas thoughts with them, creating the very best blend
• relish fine local fare at BocconDivino, served with the wine they created themselves today!
• spend the night in medieval premises at Castello di Velona, relaxing in luxurious Tuscan style

We would love to hear from you and will be glad to tailor the wine creating activity to perfectly suit your requirements, and will be pleased to arrange the experience anywhere