Castello di Segalari

A dream vacation at Castello di Segalari

Indulge in pure, unrivalled luxury, elegance and style. Feel like royalty and experience the beauty, grace and charm of authentic noble Tuscan lifestyle staying at Castello di Segalari, a unique venue. Located in a stunning position in the heart of Tuscan Maremma this glorious venue comprises an  authentic 11th century Castle, built by the renowned Della Gherardesca family, and over 22 hectares of vineyards, swaying cypresses and pine trees. Restored and refurbished to perfection, the Castle is a one-of-a-kind luxury vacation home. Enjoy unrivalled 5 star deluxe services in the peace and privacy of your own vacation home. Lay back and breathe in the luxurious atmosphere while relaxing in the main drawing room, superbly decorated and boasting a striking ceiling of massive timber-beams. Bask in the sunshine next to the amazing “pool with a view”, a spectacular 65-foot marble-lined swimming pool. Breathe in the sweet scents of the Tuscan countryside in the perfect comfort and privacy of the castle terraces, relishing delectable meals prepared by your very own Michelin star chef, accompanied by the best wines Italy has to offer. Located in one of the most evocative positions of the luxuriant greenery of Tuscan Maremma’s rolling hills, Castello di Segalari provides a true Tuscan noble country home experience, while offering a perfect starting point to explore the splendid surroundings, discover the area’s rich history and traditional heritage

Italy’s Finest is delighted to have the opportunity to create your very own Castle dream vacation

Experience authentic old-world elegance and genuine Tuscan noble lifestyle staying at Castello di Segalari, a unique ancient Castle dating back to the 11th century

  • Relish scrumptious local products and Michelin-star culinary delicacies prepared by your own private in house chef accompanied by the finest local wines
  • Bask in the sunshine enjoying the view and take a dip in the amazing “pool with a view”
  • Explore the area, discovering its amazing natural environment, picturesque towns, archeological ruins and SPA

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