Michelin Rated Personal Chef

The celebrated chef Donatella Zampoli started her successful career very early, studying hotel services and banqueting in northern Italy, then specializing in hotel management in Germany and finally finding her true path as chef and culinary consultant, alongside great world-celebrated chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, and working for the most prestigious companies from Orient Express Cruise Lines to Frescobaldi wine producers, and famed restaurants like the Cantinetta Antinori in Florence and Mas del Saugo, where her achievements led to the Michelin star she was awarded with.

Donatella firmly believes that ”eating is not just about satisfying a physical need; those who cook for others are expressing Love… Food is culture and, as such, it is one of the most advanced art-forms”. Today Donatella operates as freelance offering her expertise, know-how and passion to others via special tailor-made cooking classes.