Consuelo blocker

CONSUELO BLOCKER – Personal shopper and fashion Guru

A professional Personal shopper

Consuelo has been a professional in the fashion world since, well, forever! For over 30 years now, operating as retailer, journalist, consultant in many countries, from the US to Europe to South America,

Consuelo has great knowledge of the constant ongoing changes within the different markets. But, the point actually is that ….Consuelo simply adores fashion!

Currently living in Europe, she has lately specialized in assisting ladies, amongst which celebrities and VIPs, in finding their very own personal style among the most precious items available in the wonderful realm of clothing and accessories. Great friend of Italy’s Finest, Consuelo is now available, further to our request and on a very limited basis, to escort you throughout major Italian cities, recommending the finest among premium designer brands as well as the most hip, original and creative unknown designers and the finest Italian crafts, from antiques and period furniture, to the most precious hand-embroidered linens.

  • Personal shopping service in Florence, Rome and Milan
  • Day shopping sprees to specialized outlets for excellent bargains and premium brands
  • One-of-a-kind contacts at special, “hidden”, luxury shopping havens: antiques, deluxe personal linens, lingerie, baby and children’s attire, household linens and home furnishings
  • Special, original gift sourcing, for friends and loved ones
  • Insider’s knowledge of the current stars among young, trendy, Italian designers
  • Assistance in finding the perfect selection for your wardrobe

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