Verona’s arena

Verona’s Arena, the world’s largest open-air theatre and seat of the most dazzling lyrical festival of all times, is a legendary site. Every summer millions of opera lovers, fans and connoisseurs travel from all over the world to enjoy stupendous music, heart-rending passion and drama in the unique setting of the world’s largest open-air theatre, an authentic 1st century Roman amphitheatre.

Committed to always showing our guests the very best our country has to offer, Italy’s Finest is thrilled to present our new custom-built deluxe Italian experience, finely crafted to allow our guests to discover the breathtaking realm of opera from an enticing insider’s viewpoint.
Relish unrivalled comfort in a luxurious suite at the boutique hotel Sogno di Giulietta, and enjoy 5-star dining in its striking premises after the evening performances. This exquisite property, namely “Juliet’s dream”, is adjacent to the famed Palazzo Capuleti: it shares and overlooks the courtyard where the ever-celebrated balcony of love is.
Visit elegant Verona, one of Italy’s most charming gems: led by expert art-historians, explore marble-paved churches and squares, and discover hidden ancient Roman vestiges while tasting the finest local fare.
In the evenings, experience enchantment: immerse yourself in the bewitching atmosphere of the opera, feel the sublime thrill of actually being a part it. Revel in the music and drama accommodated in executive “poltronissima Gold” tickets, in the first rows.
Indulge in true luxury and sublime cuisine: the evenings include pre-opera cocktails and tantalizing bites and refreshments during intervals in a reserved “wedge” of the Arena, one of the stunning arcovolos.
On the last night, as an unforgettable grand finale, enjoy the rare opportunity of an exclusive private visit behind the scenes and on stage. Explore the backstage, discovering the dressing rooms and the amazing costume and accessories shop, filled with a myriad of gorgeous costumes. Try on elaborate capes, wigs, and headdresses and meet the artists. Finally, as the show is about to commence and the audience fills the seats, experience the unique thrill of being on the stage and strolling among the marvelous scenery, just like a star.

  • Revel in elegance and old-world charm staying at the exquisite hotel Sogno di Giulietta, namely “Juliet’s dream”, and late-night 5-star dining in its superb premises after the evening opera performances. Adjacent to Palazzo Capuleti, once home to the legendary romantic heroine, this boutique property overlooks “her” famed courtyard and the balcony of love.
  • Explore Verona, one of Italy’s gems: view the magnificent architecture, visit silent churches and picturesque squares led by the knowledge of expert art-historians.
  • Discover hidden ancient Roman vestiges in the striking premises of an ancient restaurant, while dining on the finest local fare.
  • Live the opera! Abandon yourself to the passion, music and drama of the world’s most stupendous melodies comfortably accommodated in executive “poltronissima Gold” seats, in the first rows.
  • Experience authentic luxury and world-class cuisine in the exclusive premises of a reserved arcovolo (a “wedge” of the Arena, especially reserved), savoring delectable pre-opera cocktails and deluxe dining during intervals.
  • Be a part of it! Enjoy the rare opportunity of a real insider’s view into the rich, magical realm of opera: an exclusive private visit behind the scenes and on stage just before the performance commences. Explore the backstage, dressing rooms and costume shop, filled with elaborate costumes; try on capes and wigs and meet some of the artists. Just a few minutes before the first note is to be heard, as

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