yachts & Helicopters

Travel in Style and Comfort

Imagine traveling around Italy in your own helicopter or yacht! We can make that happen for you.

Traveling by helicopter is an excellent way to easily access all the places you want to go to in Italy. Or for traveling along Italy's beautiful coastline, a yacht is the ideal transportation. But you don't want all the hassles that go along with setting this up for yourself. If either of these options is for you, it's best to trust someone who will make sure that everything is done correctly so you don't have any problems on your vacation. 

We know the ins and outs of helicopter and yacht travel and all the rules pertaining to them so let us take care of booking everything for you. You won't need to worry about issues like security, taxation, and VAT. We use only reliable suppliers, going through reputable brokers or actual owners. Everything is properly insured and all the paperwork taken care of for you. Terms are clearly written out, with no fine print.

We don't want our guests to be stopped by the Police in the middle of their vacation so we make sure everything is done by the rules, from number of people allowed on board to fuel to catering or any small details you might ask for. We'll help you figure out where to land or moor safely and assist with planning your ideal itinerary by helicopter or yacht. Just tell us know what you want to do and leave all the work to us.

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