Wild boar hunting with Gaddo

Wild boar hunting with Gaddo, a glamorous elite adventure

Picture it: you and your friends, in hunter’s clothes and fully equipped, led by a pack of lively barking dogs through the thick woods. Let us take you under Maremma’s toughest skin, and into Tuscan aristocratic lifestyle to relish the thrill of a real wild boar hunt. Your exceptional host and escort will be Count Gaddo della Gherardesca, descendant of one of Italy’s most ancient noble families. Your driver will take you to his (quite dazzling!) home: the grand Castello di Castagneto. You will dine with Gaddo and his guests, in historic surroundings, and spend the night at the castle. In the morning the whole party will set off in style, roam the woods, and hunt the boar! After the hunt, enjoy a warm luncheon and exceptional wines at the count’s rustic hunting lodge. Discover the real Tuscan Maremma, genuine, wild and sumptuous at once, and live its adventure.
Your adventure will include:
• Deluxe transportation to and from Maremma
• A princely stay at Castello di Castagneto, as a personal guest of Count Gaddo
• A sumptuous dinner at Gaddo’s table. Sublime local wines and typical cuisine prepared by the family cook
• An authentic wild boar hunt in traditional Maremman style, in company of Gaddo and his friends
• Farewell luncheon at the hunting lodge, in the middle of the woods

No concern about paperwork or permits: we will take care of it all

We would love to hear from you and will be delighted to tailor the experience to perfectly suit your group size, date requirements, specific needs and desires