Chianti Safari

The ultimate Chianti Safari

Helicopter ride, barbecue feast and behind the scenes with a celebrity butcher

Join us on our signature Chianti safari, explore, discover and sample scrumptious local fare. Created for the adventure-loving traveler our exclusive journey takes you high up in the Tuscan sky, into the woods and under Tuscany’s skin in company of a celebrity butcher. Travel to Chianti aboard a fine helicopter, sweeping over the vineyards and olive groves. We’ll be waiting for you with a rumbling Jeep and take you to Panzano to meet Dario Cecchini, the world’s only butcher-philosopher, in his stunning shop. Follow Dario behind the counter and become a part of it all: apron on and knives in hand, try your hand at it! Learn about ingredients and help Dario’s staff slice it up, and make their specialties, such as “cosimino”, sausages and “Chianti butter”.
Enjoy a glass of Dario’s wine and specialty prosciutto before heading off on your Jeep safari. We’ll take you along vineyards, into fields and through pastures to the private estate where Dario rears the prize Chianina cows. You will explore the grounds, see the animals in the stables, and sample tasty local tidbits with the excellent estate Chianti. Then head off to roam the thick and shady woods… you will find a rustic Tuscan barbecue feast ready for you in a clearing. Relish the best of Dario’s home-produced meats roasted to perfection on a blazing fire, delight your taste buds with cheeses, fragrant Tuscan bread and olive oil. Savor it all, in the open air, accompanied by full-bodied deep red Chianti.

  • An entertaining one-day activity ideal for all corporate events, from incentives to top-notch BoD retreats and employee motivating
  • Experience the thrill of a helicopter ride; see the landscapes from a unique viewpoint
  • Meet Dario Cecchini, charismatic butcher and philosopher and share his chores behind the counter. Slice, chop, mince and mix preparing succulent Chianti specialties
  • Explore the fields, vineyards and pastures during a real Jeep safari. Visit the stables where livestock is reared
  • Relish a rustic barbecue feast in the middle of the woods, savoring award-winning meats and superb Chianti wine

We would love to hear from you and will be delighted to tailor the experience to perfectly suit your group size, date requirements, specific needs and desires