Friends and Partners



A celebrated professional photographer: Guglielmo de’ Micheli – available, for select events, to plan and carry out the photo shoot of your dream vacation.

Guglielmo De Micheli, born in Florence 54 years ago, is world-renowned thanks to his celebrated contributions of the world’s most prestigious media outlets – from Forbes, Time, Business Week, to Newsweek Japan, Reader’s Digest and People, just to mention a few – and to his admirable work for highly esteemed corporate clients such as Ferrari/Maserati, Salvatore Ferragamo, Frescobaldi WineMakers, Bracco Pharmaceuticals, Oticon (Dk), and AMREF (African Medical Research Foundation). 


Native of Bassano del Grappa, Roberto settled in Montalcino and started his winemaking career in 1987. His cooperation with important producers (such as Case Basse, Poggio Antico and Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona), rapidly extended to many other prestigious Italian and foreign companies.
In 1999 Roberto created Winemaking, an exclusive team of highly specialized agronomic and oenologic consultants and selected technicians. Winemaking now works for more than thirty companies throughout the Italian territory and with prestigious foreign ones too, such as the Achaval-Ferrer Winery in Argentina.


Riccardo is married with Anastasia Boldyreva, famed charming Russian soprano, and a great friend of Italy’s Finest. On special request and on a limited basis, Riccardo is available to host private exclusive concerts for our premium clients, travelling to the locations they choose for their luxurious Italian holiday or special celebration, for a memorable musical experience. Riccardo’s fame travels over the world, and he has now often performed in Russia, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey and France. 


The celebrated chef Donatella Zampoli started her successful career very early, studying hotel services and banqueting in northern Italy, then specializing in hotel management in Germany and finally finding her true path as chef and culinary consultant, alongside great world-celebrated chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, and working for the most prestigious companies from Orient Express Cruise Lines to Frescobaldi wine producers, and famed restaurants like the Cantinetta Antinori in Florence and Mas del Saugo, where her achievements led to the Michelin star she was awarded with.


Anastasia, on special request and on a limited basis, together with her husband Riccardo Sandiford, well-renowned eclectic Florentine pianist, is available to host private exclusive concerts for our premium clients, travelling to the locations they choose for their luxurious Italian holiday or special celebration, for an unforgettable experience. Born in Moscow, Anastasia studied lyrical singing with Igor Tchernov and then at the Moscovian “Monton Theatre School”.


Born in Florence into a family of traditions, Lorenzo Poccianti was raised in a society steeped in history. One notable ancestor, Pasquale Poccianti (1774-1858), first Architect of the Granducal Court of Tuscany, is seen as the promoter of Neoclassical style in Italy.

Lorenzo went  to University of Architecture  in Florence to follow his ancestor’s path but  soon moved  to London to study his major interest, photography and design at the London College of Printing & Distributives Trades. 


Consuelo has been a professional in the fashion world since, well, forever! For over 20 years now, operating as retailer, journalist, consultant in many countries, from the US to Europe to South America,

Consuelo has great knowledge of the constant ongoing changes within the different markets. But, the point actually is that ….Consuelo simply adores fashion!